Cosmic Collaboration: Femme Fatale DC x Cosmic Medium

At the radiant intersection of intergalactic style and bold feminine energy, you'll find the stellar accessories of Cosmic Medium shining bright at Femme Fatale DC.

This isn't just any boutique—Femme Fatale DC is a soul-affirming space catalyzed by womxn coming together to cultivate creativity, chase their visions, and amplify each other's voices. It's a cosmic storm of entrepreneurial spirit meets badass self-expression.

And nestled among the curated offerings, you'll discover Cosmic Medium's constellation of unique bling and statement pieces. Each one is meticulously crafted to remind you that your style has gravitational force—drawing eyes, boosting confidence, and letting that inner supernova radiate outward.

From pins that whisper "celestial chic" to prints that declare "unapologetically awesome," Cosmic Medium's creations are here to make your look (and outlook) utterly out-of-this-world. Swing by and embrace pieces that inspire you to celebrate yourself daily.

Immerse yourself in this sublime universe where intrepid womxn gather to forge community, play with self-expression, and remind each other to shine ferociously. Come find your next galactic obsession!

Femme Fatale DC Boutique Hours: Everyday: 11AM - 6PM + Special Events 3409 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20008