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🌟 Welcome, Starshine! 🌟

Strap in and get ready to launch with Cosmic Medium, your go-to galaxy for accessories that make you shine brighter than a supernova. Here, it's not just about looking good (though you'll look stellar), it's about feeling like the ruler of your own universe.

Our mission? To arm you with quality bling that won't break the space bank. We're all about that unique sparkle that makes you—you. And we've got the goods, from pins that whisper "cosmic chic" to prints that shout "unapologetically awesome."

We're not just selling accessories; we're crafting confidence. We're weaving wonder. We're reminding you that fashion is the universe's playful way of saying, "Hey, you're alive! Celebrate it!"

So dive into our constellation of creations. Whether it's a statement piece that speaks your style or a subtle charm that boosts your orbit, we're here to help you find it.

Cosmic Medium: Where your style is the star, and we're just here to help it glow.



Welcome to my colorful corner of the cosmos!

I'm Laura Coleman, your friendly neighborhood illustrator and author who believes life’s too short for bland designs. Born and raised in the eclectic energy of Washington, D.C., I pour every ounce of this city’s vibrant soul into my work.

From bold, expressive portraits that pop off the page to whimsical wonderlands that beckon you to dive in, my art is a love letter to the boldness of black culture. I've joined creative forces with national powerhouses like Thinkific and ForHarriet, not to mention a constellation of stellar black-owned businesses twinkling across the U.S.

But wait, there's more! My designs have danced across the pages of HelloGiggles and strutted down the digital catwalks of Threadless and Behance. And because art has no age limit, I authored “Color In My Style” – a coloring book that invites everyone to splash a little joy onto the canvas of life.

So, take a peek at my portfolio and see what happens when passion meets pigment. It's all just a click away—where the art is as alive and kicking as the community it celebrates!

Let's color the world together, Laura

View my work, past clients, and portfolio at LauraColemanArt.com

Shoot stars with me @Cosmicmedium on Facebook/Instagram and TikTok!