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Black Queen Adult Coloring Book and Planner

Black Queen Adult Coloring Book and Planner

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A large 8x10-inch, beautiful coloring book filled with stunning Black women that melts stress away!

Did you know?

According to researchers, coloring can improve mood, reduce stress, and boost creativity.

So start drawing and watch your stress melt away with this creative coloring book that features multiple women with ornate patterns.

Our coloring book and planner book (with coloring pages) is perfect for busy life (word on the streets is that adults are buying this for their kids too)!

The 147- page planner/coloring book includes:

12 monthly calendars
12 coloring pages
52 Weekly planner pages
And More!

and the 23- page coloring book includes:

22 coloring pages
Patterns and illustrations
full page coloring pages
Positive images of black queens
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