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  • A sneak peak into Sundays post. I would love to have Beyonce's creative dream team! It surely takes a talented team to allow her to #slay 💕
  • Last week I created my own new version of Rosie the riveter and shared 5 Ways to Slay a drawing challenge 💕 😮 cant wait to share what's next on Sunday!🌺🐠🙂 #weeklyfive #drawingchallenge
  • I loved the formation video an half time show. I think Beyonce shared what she needed to at the right time. She did not have to do it this way but it is brilliant. She and her team made a brilliant business move! This song had me dancing and thinking about a lot this weekend. 🙂🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 #weeklyfive #drawingchallenge
  • Waiting to go back to this lovely place with 🌺 on the beach. 💕🙂🐠
  • The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt. Note to self, doubt less. Connect with me on Bloglovin.
  • Finishing up you know who 😀#garnet #stevenuniverse #drawingchallenge #weeklyfive
  • Guess who I am drawing in my #weeklyfive #drawingchallenge ! #garnet #sketch #stevenuniverse
  • For Part of my #weeklyfive this was completed from a selfie hidden in the cloud 💕🙂 visit to see the rest 💕

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