Grand Odalisque Black Silk scarf


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Whether you are buying for yourself or a gift, this piece is the best fashionable scarf scarf around. Simple and incredibly warm, the lightweight piece is made from 100% silk to guarantees your neck and head will never get cold. A perfect garment that you can pull on any occasion and all year around. Wherever in the world you may be, the antibacterial scarf will move away perspiration, trap warmth, and block the wind, helping you to take everyday comfort to another level. This scarf will keep you warm super warm without weighing you down with tons of layers. Between the two vibrant shades of denim and royal cherry, the unisex apparel will look best when paired against a dark overcoat. Size: 16 inches by 16 inches Care instructions: Hand wash cold water with a mild detergent and lay flat to dry. Iron on low heat. Do not bleach.