Pin Grading System

Pin Grading System

Pin grading is an essential process to ensure the product’s quality. Every pin maker has his own grading system and his tolerance threshold, but it usually starts with a visual appreciation of the pin. I look for any potential defect, scratch, missing color area, spot, … Pins are categorized in two groups, the list below clarify the meaning of each grades. Please keep in mind that enamel pins are handmade item, they cannot be 100% perfect.

A grade pins (standard)

It’s the highest quality, some may have minor defects only visible during a thorough examination, but they still look very nice.

Some example of A grade defects:

  • Slight color/glitter overflow
  • Unnoticeable rubbles
  • Minor imperfections

B grade pins (second)

They are close to A grade, nevertheless they have noticeable flaws. Obviously, it involves a lower price.

  • Minor air bubbles, scratches, dents
  • Small color overflow
  • Noticeable underfilled areas (color or polish)


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