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Do you love fashion and culture and you love Ankara Fabric Patterns?   There's a high probability you have seen more and more people show of designs with Ankara/west African/wax print Patterns.  If you are just getting started designing Ankara style patterns but are feeling a little intimidated or just still on the fence this class was made for you.  

  • This class covers all the basics and equips you with the knowledge needed on how to create Ankara style patterns on your terms.
  •  Every step is explained and you can go at any pace you would like. 
  •  I will show you how to scale your art to any size and apply it to any material and product.
  • I will show you how to easily create original patterns to send it to the printer or manufacturer.

 All pattern makers should know how to make countless beautiful styles of patterns, including those of Ankara style prints. Ready to take an Ankara style pattern? 



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