10 Unexpected Benefits of Grammarly

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 10 Unexpected Benefits of  Grammarly.

10 Unexpected Benefits of Grammarly.


A year ago I once received an email from a reader providing criticism of to my writing. The criticism within the anonymous email only described how much they disliked my writing skills and did not offer useful constructive criticism and/or a practical solution.  It was evident that the person on the other end of this anonymous email did not care to help and but just wanted to criticize my writing.  I felt some way after reading the anonymous email.  I could go on about how much people misunderstand those who juggle a demanding job and a second career.  

 After weeks of contemplating on how I should go about improving my blog writing with such little time and money, I learned about Grammarly. I knew of Grammarly and knew that it had to be better than the regular spellcheck in Pages and Word.

With the use of my current “.edu” email, I was able to snag free premium membership to the premium version of Grammarly.  (The premium Grammarly membership is free for teachers and students.) 


For those who know me, unlike the critic who sent the email, know that my strongest skills are in the visual arts and not literary (and that is ok). I stick to my strengths and what I know best and make improvements in my writing over time.  

If you are like me and know that your strength is not in writing, it is ok; improvements to your writing can be made while you are excelling in what you do best.  

With that said,  I urge you to assess these 10 Unexpected Lessons you can learn from free membership of  Grammarly and join me the crusade to prove the critics wrong (seriously)! 

  1. Grammarly checks for more than  250 types of spelling, grammar,  and punctuation errors, enhances vocabulary usage and suggests citations.
  2. Grammarly can be installed seamlessly as an extension within Chrome and Safari (and in IOS applications). 
  3. Grammarly's code is constructed to catch possible issues and then will suggest corrections for vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. 
  4. Grammarly provides an explanation for each correction, allowing you to make an informed decision about the provided correction.
  5. With Grammarly Premium you can seamlessly and quickly use Grammarly within Microsoft® Office and Outlook® email.
  6. With Grammarly installed in Safari and/or Firefox Grammarly can help you make informed grammatical decisions when writing in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. 
  7. Grammarly offers a helpful online community for writers to ask and respond to questions on English writing.
  8. Grammarly® provides an additional free guide explaining English grammar and style, the Grammarly Handbook.
  9. The Grammarly Community on social media has a lighthearted approach to common grammatical errors which provide fans with fun grammar tips and discussions.
  10. The Grammarly Blog offers daily tips, fun commentary, and valuable insights from the alien world (to us visual artist) of writing and grammar.  

Connect with me on social media and share with me how this post may have helped.  Have you been using Grammarlly already? What is your take on Grammarlly and how has it helped you? 

Your creative artist, 

Laura C. 

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