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Personal Art  instruction sessions

Prepare to learn from your (live) private art instruction course online of your choice on drawing, illustration, and/or digital illustration!

Included within your 30-minute session is one initial consultation via email with the student to assess your level of skill, review materials and discuss previous experience, direction, and expectations.

You will be required to show previous artwork, images, and references for the type of subject and style of work that interests and inspires them.

You will receive a customized lesson, which will address your individual illustration and/or drawing needs. My instruction will include live demos, sketches, and samples of relevant techniques.

You will find these personal lessons to be most beneficial if you have some art experience, learn better working at your own pace, but perhaps without the time or inclination to take a long-term class. Lesson times and dates to be determined by the student and instructor.

Lessons can be scheduled for visitors with a limited time itinerary.

Within 24 hours of placing your orders, the artist  ( will email  you questions for details. 

COST: $25 per 30 minutes MINIMUM:  30-minute session

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