Hi, I'm Laura! 

I create eye-catching, colorful, whimsical, light-hearted illustrations that inspire you to do what they love, create art! 

To put it simply, I illustrate logos, book covers that help brands stand out and make an impact!

I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, and artist equipped with the skills to help your business look fabulous while bringing in the money.

Want to build a drop-dead gorgeous brand designed to open you up to more opportunities than you handle?


Fun facts about me!

  • I  have a deep love for Soul and Afrobeat music from the 70-80s.
  • I love to roam the local Art  and fabric store for new supplies!
  • I discovered my love for art when I taught myself how to draw at seven while with parents at choir rehearsal.
  • I don’t watch TV often, but if I am, you’ll find me watching Steven Universe and/or Being Mary Jane.
  • I love food and can be bribed with gourmet delicacies.
  • I chose to study Biology as my major (and minor in Fine Art ) when I decided I loved animals and wanted a pet rabbit.
  • It is important to me to be surrounded by creativity. Everything I buy must have a hint of "artsy".
  • When I am out and about you might catch me wooing over new Smithsonian art exhibits and public art.


Let's make a positive impact

There are some things that make me stand out from the sea of designers out there...it is experience,  originality, and innovativeness!

I have 6+ years experience in various fields of the visual arts so that I can provide a broad range of perspectives.  I am the artist at Laura Coleman Art, in which I create and showcase art pieces at various art shows.  Also, I also create graphics for print onto paper and different materials. I created graphics for different entrepreneurs, businesses, and influencers. I believe that in designs should speak for the brand and sell!

I sincerely think you can’t succeed as a designer without some education in Arts, so I got my minor in Fine Arts.  I often invest in my education learning from various influencers, conferences, and continuing education courses.  So, I know the ins and outs on how to create something that will represent your brand and make your money!

About The Cosmic Medium Blog

My personal journey and growth as an artist are wonderfully shared through Cosmic Medium.  Cosmic Medium is a little blog about the arts with a sole purpose to inspire creativity!

The blog name come from my saying, "Cosmic art in many mediums".

Topics and subjects featured on Cosmic Medium include the visual arts, performing arts, culinary arts, literary arts, visual arts, martial arts and much more!  Also, I regularly update my portfolio, sharing my art, tips and secrets on ways to maintain being cosmic within the arts!

Cosmic medium is a blog about creativity! Inspiring people around the world to create their art in all types of mediums. We believe that you can should and can communicate through many art mediums! Being an artist to us means making your entire life your actual medium.  

Contact us at cosmicmedium@gmail.com for features, reviews, events, collaborations, and much more !  

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